SET Expo 2016 to Discuss VR and Connected TVs in LATAM

SET Expo, one of LATAM’s biggest media shows, kicks off next week welcoming more than 16,000 visitors expected to view products and applications from over 400 exhibitors. In its 28th year, the show has an extensive Conference Program aiming to discuss key innovation and trends in the region.

Among key topics at the Conference, expect to see:



  • Virtual reality: a panel discussion in which industry palyers will comment on how to accelerate this technology throughout the industry, including content production, distribution and consumption =
  • Connected TVs: a panel debate that will explore the use of social media and other apps with digital TV broadcasts
  • News and Sports Production: a pannel  debate that discusses the delivery and consumption models for live digital news and sports broadcasting

Are you attending SET Expo this year? Let us know the topics you don’t want to miss.

Myth Dispelled! The Internet Can be Used for Live TV Broadcasts

Live transport of broadcast quality video over the Internet has long been considered impossible. However, to handle the demands of broadcast services, new solutions have emerged that bridges the gap between the best-effort nature of the Internet and the high reliability and quality requirements for broadcasting.

Recently Sky News Arabia announced it is building a new global content contribution platform connecting 10 global news bureaus with its main hub in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company has selected Net Insight’s Nimbra VA series to connect the news bureaus globally.

You can find more information about this announcement here.

A Download on On-Demand Viewing in the UK

UK industry regulator Ofcom recently released its latest Communications Market Report. The report showcases some unique stats around the continued rise of on-demand viewing and audiences age gaps in the UK. Here are a few tidbits recently reported on by BroadbandTV News:

  • It’s not just movies and TV on-demand – those ages 16-24 feel playing video games is just as important as watching TV. In terms of older audiences…
  • Time spent in front of a screen increased among those over the age of 55
  • In line with these viewing demands, OTT services such as Netflix rose from 18 to 26 percent.

This is just a sample of the facts and figures from the report. There’s plenty more to learn, from the devices being used, market revenue, take-up of service bundles and even time spent on media and communications throughout the day.

Anything from the report surprise you? We would love to know your thoughts!

The 411 on Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 will be launched at the company’s Ignite conference, which runs from September 26 to 30 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Several things are new. One is that Windows Server 2016 will be priced and licensed per core, rather than per physical processor.

Another is that the Datacenter and Standard editions have a new installation option called Nano Server, a stripped-down version designed for lightweight virtual machines, or a low-overhead host for virtual machines.

But, as with the current Windows Server 2012?R2 version, there will be no print server clustering.

Printing is still a decisive factor for many business processes, and the continued lack of print server clustering is a major cause of downtime and loss of productivity. While Hyper-V is meant to be a safeguard against this, it protects against hardware failures, a small fraction of printing errors.

Leading print management software provider ThinPrint has timed to perfection the launch of its latest version, ThinPrint 11, to overcome this barrier. Learn more here.

Get Ready to Be Inspired at VMworld 2016


The key message for visitors to the VMworld show in Las Vegas at the end of this month is ‘Get ready to be inspired’ as the whole North American VMware ecosphere comes together for five days of seminars, hands-on labs, training and networking.

The hot topics for 2016 are:

  • Compute Virtualization
  • DevOps
  • Networking
  • Storage

The conference includes in-depth content from thought leaders in some of the most dynamic areas in IT, including Unified Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Management and Services, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Business Mobility, Network Virtualization and more. On top of that, the General Sessions will address the changing world of IT and where it’s heading.

If you are going to VMWorld 2016, share with us the number one reason you’re attending.

4k Live Sport Demand Gains Momentum

Originally viewed as a vehicle for the streaming of VOD content, 4k is rapidly becoming the medium of choice for discerning viewers of live sports action.

Recent examples involve a number of NHL (hockey) and basketball games in 4K live streaming, as well as English Premier League (EPL) also starting to stream live matches in the Ultra HD format.

Further evidence of the growing momentum for live sports 4K is found on a recent Net Insight announcement. The company has been selected by a leading global service provider for a new arena contribution network. Net Insight’s media transport solution will connect 20 stadiums over optical fiber to enable 4k and HD broadcasts.

You can read more about this announcement here.

Summer Fun Gadgets to Keep you Cool!

Summer is here! It’s time for BBQs, lazing on hot days and weekends, taking a dip in the pool and meeting up with friends. It’s chill time… or is it?

Will you be able to turn off, shut down, log out and take a digital detox? It’s possible you don’t wan to. Or – maybe your work-life balance scale is too heavily tipped in the direction of the office.

Whatever your circumstances or preferences this summer – there are plenty of fun gizmos around that can help you beat the heat – and the occasional shower of rain or wave – and even some that can keep you connected if you just have to take that call.

Here are our three of favorites:

  • For the ‘ultimate shut out’, the waterproofed iPod shuffle swim kit keeps your music playing to a depth of 210 feet. No one is going to ring your bell and get you on the phone down there – even if you could hear it!
  • Can’t leave the phone more that arms reach away? Nervous that there’s no power outlet on the beach? What you need is The EchoCharge+! It even comes with a flashlight for any of you avid hikers out there!
  • What do the theme from Endless Summer, Wipe Out and Soul Limbo all have in common? They’re all beach tunes and benefit from a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Take a gander at a few options
  • Why not commemorate all of the good times this summer? Or maybe just those selfies by the pool. Check out the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer.

Do you own any of these, or would you pick some up to get the season started? Is there anything you would add to this collection? Let us know.

Geo-Blocking Attacked on All Sides

It is a given, that when a market is nascent, any kind of obstacle can be a serious barrier to wider adoption of the product or service.

Take OTT and VoD for example. Many people, for an insignificant monthly sum, subscribe to a live sports service. Last month, one of our VisiTechians was vacationing in Tenerife and decided to watch some UK Premier League Soccer. Except, he couldn’t. He was blocked due to his location.

This got our curiosity going, so we did some research on geo-blocking. One thing we learned was that almost a quarter (23%) of Internet users in Germany wanted to watch videos on the net, which turned out to be inaccessible due to geo-blocking. In Germany alone there are around 25 million Internet users, or nearly one in two, that watch video on the Internet.

Two thirds (66%) of the geo-blocked internet users wanted to watch movies, almost half of them (47%) music videos. An additional 10% tried to access entertainment programmes, 8% sports and 7% a series.

Don’t think this is a big deal? Well, actually, it is. With more than 500 million people in Europe, that is a BIG market being geo-blocked! Content owners are being deprived of satisfied users and, more importantly, substantial revenues.

There are a lot of issues in play here – mostly political and financial. It’s all about making content pay its way in each of the EU member states. And then there are the copyright laws….

Some would say that geo-blocking is a minefield built on quicksand. Others would say that the growing OTT/VOD market is being artificially and unnecessarily held back.

What would you say? Have you ever been geo-blocked? Let us know your thoughts.

Tech Ideas to Help You Celebrate 4th July

Here at VisiTech PR, we enjoy gathering friends and family for some grilling and fun on 4th of July. Being the geek as we are, we’ve put together our 2016 tech guide that will help you throw a great 4th of July party:

  • Master the grill: controlling the grill temperature and multitasking between flipping burgers and brats is no easy feat. With iGrill, a Bluetooth remote grilling thermometer to make sure the food is just right
  • Do it in style: this “tactical” chef’s apron has storage to support everything from your smartphone, barbecue spices to even a beer
  • Have your own Indoor firework display: will the weather be bad or are you nowhere near a good firework display party? No problem, this indoor lightshow launcher the party is guaranteed
  • Stargaze with authority: fireworks are great but there’s a vast universe out there waiting to be explored. With these 10 Free Astronomy Apps for Stargazing you can tell Venus from Alpha Centuri

How is tech going to help you celebrate this 4th of July?

Flagship LATAM Media Show ABTA Back in Sao Paulo 29 June

ABTA, the leading event for Latin America’s pay-TV, broadband and media markets, is now in its 24th year and will once again focus on innovation in video services, new technologies, on-demand content distribution platforms such as IPTV and OTT as well as distribution of linear, non-linear and high-definition content.

This year the show is expecting more than 100 exhibitors and some 5,000 visitors from around the globe to converge on the Transamérica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The exhibition will be supported by a full three-day conference program featuring panel debates and keynote addresses from industry leaders.

Our top conference picks include:

  • Pay TV in a year of Olympics and challenges
  • User experience and digital services
  • Embracing the reality of on-demand content

Are you attending ABTA 2016? Share with us your thoughts on the key topics for this year’s event.