NAB 2016 – The Carpets Are Worn!

NAB 2016 – The Carpets Are Worn!

With an attendance of more than 103,000 visitors the NAB 2016 show more than lived up to industry expectation.

The world’s largest annual convention covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums showed its power to deliver headlines, launch new products and connect with key market influencers.

Key trends at the show included:

  • Consumers have become more engaged and technically savvy which means expectations are getting higher when it comes to digital content.
  • Cloud technology is set to be a primary enabler of content delivery of live streams. Hint: it’s all about bandwidth.
  • Gathering user data and analytics are the key to personalising experiences. Hint: you need to know your target.

Why not put NAB 2017 in your diary – it is back in Las Vegas April 22-17.


Optimizing Digital Media and Cinema Workflows

The evolving media landscape is creating challenges for industry players seeking high quality workflow solutions while also needing new digital media innovation. Future-proof, secure and standards-compliant solutions are being demanded in order for these players to remain competitive.

At NAB, some of future-oriented solutions that enhance each step of the cinema and media workflow were displayed, including:

  • Light-field multi-camera post-production plug-in suite: Fraunhofer light-field technology was recently encapsulated into plug-ins for The Foundry’s Nuke software suite, allowing movie professionals to take advantage of multi-camera arrays and multi-view processing.
  • Enhancements to easyDCP software suite: Fraunhofer introduced a new export module for Final Cut Pro X to create DCPs directly from the timeline, including new features of the standalone software include a package validation module for reliable quality assurance of both, newly generated or existing packages.

Check out here other tools that enable creative possibilities and immersive viewing experiences.


How to Deliver Scalable TV over IP without Buffering, Delays or Glitches

The shift to IP networks for the delivery of TV brings with it some problems for content owners striving to deliver a live high quality immersive experience for users. Delays, buffering and other glitches mean that this user experience is often comes up short on the delivery of their expectation.

The fact is that CDNs are not optimized for TV delivery. They deliver content via lowest-cost peering points or from wherever they have spare storage capacity, which is not conducive to the real-time delivery that TV demands.

To help the industry overcome these challenges, Edgeware has announced its purupose-built ’s TV CDN architecture. You can read more about this unique architecture here.

A Game-changing Solution to Enable True Live OTT

Watching your favorite TV content on the living room TV or on your tablet should offer the exact same viewing experience, right? Well, many sports fans might disagree with that.

Traditional OTT platforms suffer from delays and lack synchronization when delivering content to multiple screens. The delays can range from seconds to minutes from screen to screen. As a result, this can have a significant impact on the experience of watching live sports OTT. What’s happening on one screen is not the same as the other. Not only is it a poor experience for live television viewers, the delay between screens means broadcasters, content owners and other service providers are missing out on being able to offer more interactive, engaging and social TV experiences.

Net Insight’s recent launch of Sye, delivers the world’s first and only true live OTT streaming solution, ensuring frame-accurate synchronization across any type of screen, including linear broadcast TV, with no delay.

You can read more information about Sye here.

NAB 2016 Set to Open the Doors

It’s where content comes to life, from capture to display: NAB. The show is set to open its doors this weekend in Las Vegas, and there’s something for everybody. Here’s just a snapshot of things to get excited about at NAB 2016:

  • Air Superiority: Want to grab a test flight or know how to get your FAA drone certification for commercial video use? Then visit the Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion
  • Virtual Reality: You think the display is unreal? Experience the latest on virtual reality and attend the virtual reality summit on Wednesday
  • All things video streaming: online video delivery remains a hot topic for NAB this year, especially if you consider the 70% OTT penetration in the US market
  • What is moving the industry: a nice insight on what TV engineers will be in the look-out at the show. Hints: IP, 4K, cloud…

Check out VisiTech PR’s Selected Buzz on the NAB Show for more stories on what’s hot at NAB this year.

How IT Can Cut CAPEX by 50 Percent

What’s one of most basic, yet expensive, IT requirements for branch offices and remote workers?


Adding branch offices and remote workers to the print environment is complex, time consuming and expensive. Requiring an IT expert to travel to the remote sites and the addition of local print servers racks up quickly. Enterprises need a solution that allows IT to seamlessly handle all printing needs, such as bandwidth management, encryption and print integration, all from a single, central location.

ThinPrint makes this a reality with the ThinPrint Hub, cutting CAPEX in half by eliminating the need for special IT expertise, local print servers and the hassle of updating each individual workstation. Learn more here.

Top Trends Driving Changes in Digital Production and Post Production

The media landscape is rapidly changing. Expectation for immersive and high-quality viewing experiences on the big, small and multiscreens is growing.

Fraunhofer Digital Media Alliance, R&D powerhouse, has created a list with the top trends that are driving the industry forward.

  • All screens converging into one world – content will need to be produced so that it meets the many technical standards required in cinema, or television or consumer devices
  • Simplifying workflows with single uniform format – industry professionals will rapidly adopt the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) to simplify processes and content exchange in post-production stages or facilities
  • Light-field technology adoption – increasing number of cameras and camera arrays will provide professionals with additional views for editing in post-production. Light-field technology exploits these views to create depth maps, virtual camera movements, as well as changes in focus

Want to learn more? You can read more about the production and post-production trends from Fraunhofer here.

It’s Time for a (Virtual) Reality Check

When we hear the word “mobile,” we normally think of smartphones, tablets and wearables. However, there’s a new wave of technology taking the mobile space by storm: virtual reality.

What once seemed like a technology dream is becoming mainstream. Major players have announced or are in the process of launching an array of virtual reality solutions. Here’s some of the most recent:

  • HTC announced its Vive Pre virtual reality headset at CES last month
  • Nokia developed a VR camera that captures 360 degree audio and video
  • Facebook is continuing to work on Oculus Rift, set to ship March 28
  • Google is also launching its own virtual reality headset

Virtual reality is one of the key trends you can expect to see at Mobile World Congress. Learn more about what to expect from this year’s show here.

In the meantime, how big of an impact do you think virtual reality will have on the mobile industry?

The $800 million dollar revenue opportunity partners are missing

There’s an $800 million dollar revenue opportunity too many partners are looking at as a mere afterthought –


The paperless office is a distant dream. Enterprises will spend an estimated $891 million on print software in 2016. From bandwidth management, to encryption to simple print integration, enterprises need a solution that cuts the complexity and costs out of printing, truly enabling them to tap into the full potential printing has to offer. Channel partners that can offer these services will have a sharp competitive edge.

Leading provider of print management software, ThinPrint, makes this reality with its new partner program. Learn more here.


Top 5 Trends and Discussions to Check Out at MWC 2016

In a couple of weeks, Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile industry tradeshow, is set to welcome more than 95,000 attendees from 200 countries. Its exhibition hall will be the stage to 2,100 companies displaying cutting-edge technologies. Massive numbers aside, the 2016 show theme – mobile is everything – is further evidence of how the mobile ecosystem is encompassing more areas of our everyday lives.

From experts to first-time goers, keeping track of all the show announcements and conference sessions can be a daunting task. To help you get ready, our team put together a list of trending discussions and keynotes that are on our must-see list.

  • Leading Keynotes: from automakers to players from the finance industry, the 2016 keynote line up offers an opportunity to hear the likes of Ford, MERCEDES AMG Petronas Formula One team, MasterCard and PayPal discuss their take on mobile
  • Value of Wearables: as connected devices gain traction across all industries, expect experts to debate the value of wearables in the enterprise
  • Defining 5G: there will be no shortage of conversation around 5G, as the industry continues to drive IoT adoption
  • Product Announcements: with so much attention on MWC, Barcelona has become the favorite spot for industry players to announce new products. According to some recent articles, expect Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and HTC to unveil new gadgets.
  • Connected Women: GSMA has a series of topics and networking opportunities designed to drive greater inclusion of women in the telecom and mobile industries.

To make sure nobody misses the keynotes and industry highlights, the MWC organization has announced that all keynote sessions will be streamed live. Are you attending MWC or planning to follow the action online? Tell us what has caught your interest at MWC.